Thank you for showing an interest in Jet2.com and our Pilot Apprentice scheme.

The scheme is unique in that you will spend up to a year learning about our successful business before embarking on your flying training. We believe that a full understanding of our Company is a huge advantage to new Pilots embarking on a career with Jet2.com. We invest in developing your knowledge and relationship with the whole company and believe that Pilot Apprentices are our future Captains, Trainers and Managers.

You will spend time at both our commercial and operational headquarters as well as working behind the scenes at Leeds Bradford Airport. Training and operating as Cabin Crew helps you see how we operate onboard and equips you to deliver our VIP customer service. You will then continue your development in the crew room at one of our bases supporting the management team in all aspects of the operation. The whole experience puts you in the enviable position of understanding the complex nature of an award-winning leisure Airline and holiday business.

Candidates should demonstrate that they are keen to commit to Jet2.com and embrace the ethos and values of our Company. We are looking for people with strong interpersonal and customer service skills, who can demonstrate initiative and work as part of one team. Flexibility is key as we may ask you to be located at any one of our bases during your time as a Pilot Apprentice. Take some time to learn about our Company online and understand how we create memories for our customers. If you feel you can make a positive contribution, we would very much like to hear from you.

Rob Clark
Aircrew Manager

A view from the inside – a Pilot Apprentice’s insight

I joined Jet2.com in February 2015 as a ‘Pre-Travel Services Advisor’, working in the contact centre based in Leeds. I was certain I wanted to become a Pilot and started saving for my flight training. Over the next two years, I completed my flight training in New Zealand and Bournemouth. Shortly after, I successfully completed the selection process and started on the Jet2.com Pilot Apprenticeship scheme in January 2018....


New wave of Pilot Apprentices get their wings

Congratulations to our latest wave of Pilot Apprentices who are now qualified Cabin Crew. The 10 Pilot Apprentices have completed their 3 weeks of Cabin Crew Training and are ready to fly as Jet2.com crew. The next stage for our Pilot Apprentices will see them working in the Crew room at one of our Bases…

Future Opportunities

All future opportunities will be advertised on our careers website.

Your year as a Pilot Apprentice

A year spent as a Pilot Apprentice with Jet2.com is full of challenging but interesting elements which combine to provide you with an unrivalled insight into how our business functions, in order to take people on holiday. Whilst you learn new skills and develop lasting relationships across all of our Teams, you will gain a true understanding of how our business works and the way we come together as One Team for the benefit of our Customers.

The scheme gives you a great understanding of the "bigger picture" Operations of the Airline industry. You learn things that will stay with you throughout your career as a pilot and will help mould you into a great Commander. Even in this early stage of my flying career, I already find myself explaining certain areas of the day to day operations of the company to experienced captains. - Matt
Spending time with and getting to know everyone else's roles during the Apprenticeship - from Check in, Boarding, Ground Handling, Crewing and Operations to Cabin Crew - has really broadened my understanding of the day to day operations of the airline. - Aaron
A fantastic scheme that allows you to explore the company and really get to know the people you will be working with. An opportunity for Ab-Initio Pilots who have very little experience of Airline Operation - it really boosts your confidence when you walk through the door ready for your first flight!

I wouldn't want to start a flying career straight out of flying school without doing this first - invaluable. - Louise
Spending time in the Engineering hangar at Leeds was a particular highlight of the apprenticeship for me. We managed to get our hands dirty and worked alongside the Engineers which was a great experience! We also got to walk around the aircraft in slow time and look at the aircraft from a technical point of view which was a great learning experience and something most pilots don't get the chance to do." - Kris

Latest - Pilot Apprentice Mentoring Scheme

As the Jet2.com Pilot Apprentice scheme continues to grow, we are pleased to confirm the introduction of a Pilot Apprentice Mentoring scheme, which started in January 2017.

This development will further enhance the level of support available to Pilot Apprentices, adding access to valuable insight and experience. All mentors for this scheme will be former Pilot Apprentices able to provide first hand advice and understanding drawn from their own experiences.

As a Pilot Apprentice you will be able to gain practical advice from those who have experienced a similar journey through this scheme, empowering you to make decisions up to and including your Type Rating. In turn, becoming a Mentor yourself will allow you the opportunity to make an impact and impart value knowledge whilst developing your own leadership, coaching and communication skills.

Minimum requirements

Here is a reminder of what you need in order to apply:

  •  Valid UK issued EASA Pilots Licence (or the ability to convert to EASA)
  • Valid UK issued EASA Class 1 Medical (or the ability to convert to EASA)
  • Completed a Jet Orientation Course (JOC) and Multi-Crew Co-operation course (MCC)
  • Strong ATPL results and Training record
  • Hold a valid Multi-Engine Instrument rating
  • The unrestricted right to work in the EU
  • English Language proficiency – minimum level 4




What if I don’t yet have a Pilots Licence?

If you are new to the world of Aviation or have decided on a career as a Pilot but have not started your initial Flight Training yet, you may find the advice and guidance on the link below helpful.

There are a number of pathways open to you and making a decision on the best option for your individual circumstances can be difficult. In this useful guide we highlight the key elements to consider as you navigate through the wealth of information available and embark on a challenging but rewarding career!