Our ATO Approval

We were very proud to achieve full ATO (Approved Training Organisation) approval for our Training Centre in August 2014. The Centre was officially opened in September 2014 with our first B737-300 Type Rating Course.
Since achieving this milestone, we are now qualified to deliver all of the courses below:
  • B737-300 Type Rating Course with ZFTT (Zero Flight Time Training)
  • B737-800 Type Rating Course with ZFTT
  • B757-200 Type Rating Course with ZFTT
  • B737-300 to -800 Differences Course
  • B737-800 to -300 Differences Course
  • B737-300-900 Type Rating Instructor Courses (Simulator Only)
  • TRE Seminars

All of our courses are run by our own Full time Lead Ground Instructors as well as current Pilots qualified as Approved Training Instructors, Type Rating Instructors and Examiners. This ensures that our new and existing Pilots consistently receive training of the highest quality and standard, fully preparing them for life on the line at Jet2.com.