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Our aim is to provide our Pilots, new joiners and existing crew alike, with unrivalled acess to the highest quality training and development possible.
This is provided by our own Trainers and using our dedicated Training Centre in Bradford. We strive to enhance Flight Safety and develop Piloting skills whilst using innovative training programs such as Alternative Training Qualification Program (ATQP).

We are open and forward thinking, committed to working as One Team for the benefit of our Pilots. We welcome and encourage fresh ideas and suggestions to improve any aspect of the Training content and experience, actively involving Flight Crew at all levels to achieve this. As a merit based Company there is open application principle for all training positions. This means that any pilot at any level may apply for an appropriate training role.

Training Centre

In 2014, we opened our £9.5 million state-of-the-art Training Centre.

With five full flight Simulators - three B737-800s a B737-300 and a B757-200, we’ve created a purpose-built centre for excellence. The simulators provide unrivalled quality training for our pilots, while our Cabin Safety and Emergency Procedure centre offers the perfect learning environment for Cabin Crew too.

The Training Centre is used exclusively by colleagues and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A dedicated Team keep the operation running smoothly, ensuring our Simulators are well maintained, course content is as relevant as possible and of course that the training environment is open, friendly and comfortable!

Approved Training Organisation

We were very proud to achieve full ATO (Approved Training Organisation) approval for our Training Centre in August 2014. The Centre was officially opened in September 2014 with our first B737-300 Type Rating Course.

Experienced Pilot Recruitment - 2020/21

We have successfully fulfilled our Pilot Recruitment requirements for Summer 2020, having welcomed new Pilot Colleagues from over 30 different Airlines in the last year across our Bases in the UK and Spain.
As we continue to grow our well-established Boeing Fleet and also add the Airbus A321 to our flying operation, we are looking forward to another busy Summer season.

Planning is already underway for our next Pilot Recruitment campaign and we will be accepting applications once this is more advanced. All opportunities to apply will be advertised on our careers website and we anticipate this to begin in the second half of 2020.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

The Pilot Recruitment Team

Command Development
and Through Life Management

Pilot career progression at is based on merit. Whether your ambitions are to achieve Command or to progress your career to a Training or Management position, it is your experience, ability and character that will help you achieve your goals.